Free from urban congestion and noise, makes Indian River a great place for vacationing; feel the breeze on your skin or the sun’s kiss, while you are embellished with the woodlands, lakes, waterfalls and fields that provide eco friendly adventures and recreational landscapes; want to feel the city life? Indian River County has diverse things to do for entertaining like theatres, opera, restaurants, museums, night spots and shopping centers and you have a seamless location for an incomparable vacation experience for you and your family.

A Place for Adventure

Feeling the adventure spirit? wait not longer, Truly Nature’s Mecca, Indian River is the ideal location to fish for a wide variety of species inhabiting the ocean and lakes, county waters offer an impressive array of dive sites and snorkeling areas and an abundance of swimming, surfing, Kayak, canoe, raft, tube, sailing and diving opportunities, especially the famous Indian River, which is a part of the Indian River Lagoon system, America’s most diverse estuary, here your fishing trip will be out of this world with the views and the clear water.


India River county offers a great entertainment with Theatres, opera, restaurants, night spots and museums, like Mel Fisher’s Treasure Museum with a spectacular collection of Spanish Artifacts from the “Nuestra Senora de Atocha” and its sister ship the Santa Margarita just to name one, shopping in Indian River County is an exciting thing to do, free from the overcrowding found in other tourist communities makes the difference, come and enjoy charming independently owned shops along the beaches and mainland, you get to see and know some architectural history while you are in Vero Beach Downtown’s fine shops and eating places, here you can find the largest mall and shopping centers, Indian River county is indeed a shoppers dream.